Photo Project Empowers Women and Normalizes Breastfeeding in Asian-American Communities

The Asian Breastfeeding Task Force of Los Angeles, a group of advocates committed to normalizing breastfeeding in Asian American communities, is launching its first photo project in honor of National Breastfeeding Month in August.

‘Infinite Well’: Women-Powered Podcast Shows You How to Tap into Your Intuition and Heal Yourself

On the Infinite Well podcast, Kate and Natalie cover topics like burnout, feeling broken, or “comparisonitis"---feeling less than when we compare ourselves to others.

Shannon Ullman runs Miss Marijuana, a lifestyle site that aims to publish content that empowers women to share their experiences with cannabis for health and wellness purposes.

‘Shaking’ off Doubts Through Movement, Dance

“I think we are all bigger and better than who we think we are, and it’s a beautiful process to be able to help women uncover these possibilities and discover their true self,” said Thapa.